About this blog

This blog aims to provide an open platform for the development of Cochrane infographics. There are no committees involved and you don’t need anyone’s permission in Cochrane to post a comment or to write a whole entry. If this project gets people interested and engaged, we may in fact migrate the whole thing on a wiki platform of some kind so as to better facilitate working together. Anyway, the format is not important. The idea is important. Let’s start drafting infographics and discuss how we can improve them!

Jani Ruotsalainen is the progenitor and current (benevolent) overlord of this blog. His day job is managing the review production at Cochrane Work and making noise about the results via social media. Follow him and/or Cochrane Work on Twitter and Facebook. On the side he writes convoluted and slightly off-kilter musings regarding Evidence Based Medicine in his NordicEBM blog. He is also an exercise freak, a sci-fi geek, a P.G. Wodehouse enthusiast and he sings in a choir. Otherwise he is almost normal.

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